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Dreo Air Purifier Tower Fan MC710S Review

Dreo Air Purifier Tower Fan MC710S review

In today’s market, the Dreo Air Purifier Tower Fan, model MC710S, distinguishes itself through its advanced features designed for efficient performance and user comfort. This review will thoroughly examine the fan’s features, pricing, energy efficiency, warranty, and maintenance aspects. We will also compare it to notable competitors like the Dyson Pure Cool™ tower fan HP07 and the Honeywell QuietSet HYF290B Whole Room.


Equipped with a dual-motor design, the Dreo Air Purifier Tower Fan offers independent cooling and air purification operations. This setup ensures efficient performance. The fan boasts an impressive ultra-fast airflow capability. Dual motors deliver rapid airflow of 27ft/s up to 40ft, ensuring whole-room coverage. A dual-filtration system includes an H13 True HEPA Filter that captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 μm. A pre-filter helps trap large particles, extending the main filter’s lifespan.

The fan offers multiple oscillation modes, including symmetric (0 to 120˚), asymmetric (custom range), and targeted airflow (direct within a 120˚ range). Furthermore, smart control through the DREO app enhances interaction by allowing remote access to room temperature and air quality, along with customization and scheduling capabilities. The quiet intelligent sleep mode balances comfort and quietness, with the Brushless DC motor reducing noise levels to only 25dB.


Competitively priced at $279.99 USD after a discount, the fan includes fast, free worldwide shipping that covers customs and taxes.

Energy Efficiency

The efficient dual-motor design not only delivers effective performance but also conserves energy, making it an eco-friendly option in the air purifier and fan market.

Warranty and Maintenance

Manufacturers offer a 30-month extended warranty upon product registration, demonstrating confidence in their product’s durability and customer satisfaction.


The easily replaceable filters and robust build quality of the Dreo Air Purifier Tower Fan ensure long-term usability with minimal upkeep.

Comparison with Peers

Below is a table comparing the Dreo Air Purifier Tower Fan with the Dyson Pure Cool™ tower fan HP07 and the Honeywell QuietSet HYF290B Whole Room across various features and policies:

FeatureDreo Air Purifier Tower Fan (MC710S)Dyson Pure Cool™ Tower Fan (HP07)Honeywell QuietSet HYF290B Whole Room
Price (USD)$279.99$549.99$74.99
Airflow Speed27ft/s up to 40ftNANA
Filtration SystemH13 True HEPA + Pre-filterHEPA + Activated CarbonBasic Dust Filter
Oscillation Modes0 to 120˚, Custom, Targeted350˚ OscillationQuietSet Technology
Smart ControlYesYesNo
Noise LevelDown to 25dBNADown to 48dB
Warranty30 months24 months12 months
ShippingFree worldwideStandard shipping rates applyStandard shipping rates apply
Money-back Guarantee30 days30 daysNot specified

This table shows that the Dreo Air Purifier Tower Fan provides a compelling mix of advanced features and customer-friendly policies at a mid-range price. Therefore, it stands out as an excellent choice for those seeking effective air purification and cooling in one device.

In conclusion, with its innovative features and competitive pricing, the Dreo Air Purifier Tower Fan challenges the norms of traditional air purification and cooling solutions. It particularly appeals to those prioritizing smart home integration and energy efficiency.

Emily Parker is a tech enthusiast and freelance writer based in San Francisco, California. With a background in electrical engineering and a passion for smart home technology, Emily has spent the last decade exploring and writing about the latest innovations in home automation. Her articles have been featured in numerous tech magazines and blogs, where she shares her insights on how smart home devices can enhance everyday living. When she's not writing, Emily enjoys experimenting with new gadgets, hiking in the Bay Area, and volunteering at local STEM education programs. Her deep understanding of technology, combined with her engaging writing style, makes her a trusted voice in the smart home community.

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