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eWeLink Unveils Android Auto Support for Smart Home Control

eWeLink Unveils Android Auto Support for Smart Home Control

eWeLink, a renowned smart home solutions provider, has introduced Android Auto support, allowing users to manage their smart home devices directly from their car consoles. This groundbreaking feature enhances convenience and operational fluidity for smart home enthusiasts.

“This integration with Android Auto is a major advancement in smart home convenience,” said a spokesperson for eWeLink. “We are committed to delivering solutions that seamlessly integrate into our users’ lives. By offering smart home control through their car’s displays, we provide unmatched ease and operational fluidity.”

Users can now control a range of smart home functions, including adjusting thermostats, managing security systems, and controlling lights, all hands-free via Google Assistant. The seamless integration with eWeLink’s app offers a familiar interface, making smart home management on the go effortless.

This launch follows eWeLink’s successful integration with CarPlay and extends its reach to over 200 million Android Auto-supported vehicles, marking a significant milestone in the company’s mission to improve user experience.

Setting up the feature is simple. Users need to update the eWeLink app, connect their Android device to the car’s infotainment system, and start managing their smart home devices from the car console.

Android Auto screen to users of the eWeLink

eWeLink continues to push the boundaries of smart home technology, ensuring users have a smarter, more connected experience, even on the move.

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