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Samsung’s AI Integration: Transforming Smart Home Products for a Super-Connected Future


Samsung is taking a significant leap in smart home technology by integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its home appliances. Following the successful addition of Galaxy AI in smartphones, Samsung is now extending AI capabilities to its smart home products. This move aims to create a “super-connected ecosystem” and strengthen Samsung’s position against competitors like Apple and Google.

AI-Enabled Home Appliances: A New Era

A report from Businesskorea indicates that Samsung plans to release AI-enabled home appliances as soon as next year. This integration will transform everyday appliances into intelligent devices that enhance user experience and efficiency. For more information on how smart home technology is evolving, check out our article on The Future of Smart Homes with 5G Technology.

On-Device Processing for Enhanced Privacy

One notable feature of Samsung’s upcoming smart home products is the on-device processing of large language models (LLMs). This approach ensures better user privacy because data processing occurs locally on the device. Initially, Samsung will use the cloud to run LLMs before transitioning to full on-device processing.

Key Smart Home Products to Feature AI

Samsung’s AI integration will initially target the Family Hub refrigerators, washing machines, and induction cookers from the Bespoke AI line. These appliances, equipped with LCD screens, will leverage AI to offer enhanced functionalities like translation capabilities, currently limited to smartphones.

Bixby Voice Assistant: A Smarter Home Experience

Starting in July this year, Samsung plans to introduce Bixby voice assistant controls for its smart home products. Enhanced by the latest large language models, Bixby will understand more complex commands and provide a more natural and intuitive user experience. Additionally, these products will remember previous conversations, offering further convenience and personalization. If you’re interested in how other technologies improve smart homes, our guide on Home Lighting Control Systems provides a comprehensive overview.

Growing Ecosystem of SmartThings

The number of smart home products connected to Samsung SmartThings has grown significantly, surpassing 20 million devices. This number is expected to reach 30 million by next year, reflecting the increasing adoption of smart home technology. In 2022, the connected devices were around 10 million, showcasing rapid growth and user acceptance. For an in-depth look at how smart home technology is growing and what the future holds, read about the 200% Increase in Smart Home Devices Connected to Alexa.

Samsung’s integration of AI into its smart home products marks a new era of intelligent living. By creating a super-connected ecosystem, Samsung aims to provide users with a seamless, efficient, and highly personalized home experience. As the company continues to innovate, the future of smart home technology looks more promising than ever.

Emily Parker is a tech enthusiast and freelance writer based in San Francisco, California. With a background in electrical engineering and a passion for smart home technology, Emily has spent the last decade exploring and writing about the latest innovations in home automation. Her articles have been featured in numerous tech magazines and blogs, where she shares her insights on how smart home devices can enhance everyday living. When she's not writing, Emily enjoys experimenting with new gadgets, hiking in the Bay Area, and volunteering at local STEM education programs. Her deep understanding of technology, combined with her engaging writing style, makes her a trusted voice in the smart home community.

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