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0 Smashes Sales Records with Rs 5 Million in One Month, Sets Sights on Rs 500 Crore Goal by 2025, a pioneering smart home appliance startup, recently announced impressive sales figures, reaching Rs 5 million in just one month. The company, which specializes in AI-enhanced home appliances, has set a target of Rs 500 crore in sales by the end of 2025. With a fresh injection of INR 34 Cr (over $4 Mn) from its seed funding round led by Khosla Ventures, is valued at INR 143 Cr. This funding will boost production of their flagship AI-powered cooking assistant, ‘Smart Jar’, aiming for 20,000 units annually within six months.

The ‘Smart Jar’ combines multiple cooking functions like chopping, sauteing, and steaming, with a user-friendly touchscreen interface and advanced machine learning technology. Despite a setback on Shark Tank India where they secured no deal, has gained notable market traction and aims to scale its revenue to INR 150 Cr by the end of 2024. Khosla Ventures has expressed strong confidence in the product’s ability to revolutionize daily cooking routines with its health benefits and advanced AI capabilities.

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