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Westfield Launches Ting: Smart Tech to Prevent Electrical Fires

Westfield launches Ting smart home technology

Westfield, a leading US-based property and casualty insurance company, today announced the launch of Ting, an innovative smart home technology designed to prevent electrical fires. This new program underscores Westfield’s commitment to enhancing home safety through advanced technological solutions.

Introducing Ting: A Game-Changer in Fire Prevention

Ting utilizes sophisticated plug-in sensors to monitor the electrical network within homes. These sensors can detect electrical hazards early, alerting homeowners to potential risks before they develop into fires. This proactive approach not only helps prevent devastating property damage but also ensures the safety and peace of mind of homeowners.

Collaboration with Whisker Labs

In a strategic partnership with Whisker Labs, Westfield is offering the Ting sensor and three years of fire prevention service at no cost to its customers. Whisker Labs, renowned for its expertise in smart home technology, provides the robust platform that powers Ting, ensuring reliable and effective monitoring.

Commitment to Customer Safety

“Part of our mission is to enable our customers’ peace of mind, and Ting does exactly that by giving homeowners advance notice to help prevent a potential home fire,” said Steve Butler, AVP of Personal Lines Product Management and Underwriting at Westfield. “Westfield has a long history – 176 years, in fact – of offering insurance products and solutions to protect customers and communities. This new technology aligns perfectly with our mission.”

Comprehensive Protection

Beyond fire prevention, Ting offers additional safety benefits. It can detect electrical faults in the utility grid that could potentially damage homes and trigger wildfires, particularly in areas prone to such natural disasters. Furthermore, Ting’s advanced sensors can predict issues that might lead to water damage inside a home, providing a comprehensive safety solution.

Widespread Deployment

This year, 10,000 Westfield customers will receive the Ting sensor and service for free. Over the next three years, Westfield plans to extend this offer to more than 20,000 additional homeowners. This large-scale deployment highlights Westfield’s proactive stance in safeguarding homes and communities.

A Step Forward in Home Safety

“By incorporating smart home technology like Ting, we can provide our customers with even greater peace of mind,” Butler continued. “Our goal is to prevent disasters before they happen, and Ting allows us to do just that.”

About Westfield

Westfield has been a trusted name in the insurance industry for nearly two centuries. The company consistently provides reliable products and services to protect customers and their properties. The introduction of Ting represents a significant advancement in using technology to enhance home safety and well-being.

For More Information

For more information about Ting and how it can protect your home, visit Ting by Whisker Labs.

Emily Parker is a tech enthusiast and freelance writer based in San Francisco, California. With a background in electrical engineering and a passion for smart home technology, Emily has spent the last decade exploring and writing about the latest innovations in home automation. Her articles have been featured in numerous tech magazines and blogs, where she shares her insights on how smart home devices can enhance everyday living. When she's not writing, Emily enjoys experimenting with new gadgets, hiking in the Bay Area, and volunteering at local STEM education programs. Her deep understanding of technology, combined with her engaging writing style, makes her a trusted voice in the smart home community.

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